America’s Patriot Fence Has So Much To Offer

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America’s Patriot Fence employs only the most qualified people. Our foremen have experience in various fields of construction which gives them the ability and know-how to complete a job properly, even when issues arise. Our customer service is second to none and all crews have had extensive training in customer service, which makes for a much smoother process and installation. If you’re not completely satisfied, our people won’t leave the job until you are.

Phenomenal Pricing

Our pricing is always competitive. Since we purchase larger volumes from our suppliers, they can extend better pricing to us, and we in turn extend those savings to you! No quality is compromised, ever! We simply leverage our purchasing power and pass along the savings.

Quality Materials

Only the best materials are used by America’s Patriot Fence for our fencing and railing installations.

  • Wood: We use only #1 Grade Cedar unless otherwise specified by the customer. This type of wood contains less knots and wane which weaken the wood and reduce the life span of the fence. Top choice cedar is the best value of all wood fencing materials, and it’s by far the most attractive.
  • Vinyl: All of the vinyl fence that we install is manufactured locally and is the highest grade “virgin” vinyl. Virgin vinyl has never been recycled so it has more elasticity for durability in windy conditions and longevity regardless of the environment in which it’s installed. The largest percentage of our vinyl installations are privacy type styles. We have chosen to use only the strongest and most attractive rails in the industry, the “Titan” series rails. The rails are the part of the privacy fence that run horizontally along the top and bottom of your fence. They are the most crucial part of the vinyl privacy fence as it holds the tongue and groove panels together and gives it its strength. Most of our competitors use a smaller rail to save on cost. Our purchasing power allows to provide the end user with a superior product at similar pricing. Take a look at our comparison example that shows the benefits of using the “Titan” series rail for your next fence project.
  • Aluminum: Alumi-Guard products are what we use exclusively. Alumi-Guard extrudes, manufactures, coats and ships with all American-made sources. Their commitment to quality extends from smooth order taking and fast turn-around time, to the delivery of well-package shipments that don’t come in all scratched up like other companies we no longer use.